The following Cities and Municipalities have effected Bans on Hydraulic Fracturing ( fracking) and or oil drilling. They have opted for a local ban on fracking or oil and gas activities.  In general, state law does not supercede local government’s rights to regulate the use of the lands within their jurisdiction, or protect the health and safety of its citizens. Legally, municipalities that that can effect local fracking bans are those that have been given, or adopted, local democratic control. Charter Cities within Home Rule states have broad powers of governmental control. General law Cities anywhere, or those within States where Dillon’s Rule is effected, are restricted to the laws the state passes to them.

Food & Water Watch maintains a complete and up-to-date list of all fracking bans and resolutions in their resource center ordered by state:  local frack actions, these are ordered by type.

Rights-Based Ordinances

Rights-based ordinances seek to assert the rights of the community or environment over activities which would cause them harm. They are the result of a democratic movement.

Baldwin Borough, PA
Forest Hills, PA Community Rights and Protection from Natural Gas Exploitation Ordinance
Harveys Lake,PA
Highland Township, PA
Las Vegas NM Community Water Rights and Local Self-Governance Ordinance
Mountain Lake Park, MD
Pittsburgh, PA
West Homestead, PA Community Rights Gas Extraction Prohibition Ordinance
Town of Wales, NY Community Protection of Natural Resources
Baldwin, PA Community Protection from Natural Gas Extraction Ordinance
Wilkinsburg, PA Community Protection from Natural Gas Drilling Ordinance
State College Borough, PA Community Bill of Rights Home Rule Charter Amendment
Yellow Springs, OH Community Rights and Protection from Shale Gas Drilling and Fracking Ordinance
Broadview Heights, OH Petition to Amend City Charter with Community Bill of Rights Protection from Shale Gas Drilling and Fracking
Mansfield, OH Charter Amendment for a Community Bill of Rights and Protection from Shale Gas Drilling and Fracking
Ferguson Township, PA Charter Amendment for Community Bill of Rights Protection from Shale Gas Drilling and Fracking

Zoning law/Land Use changes:

Zoning laws use existing regulatory structure to separate incompatible land uses from one another. a Zoning ban consists of 2 parts: a comprehensive plan and zoning code. Charter cities and those in home-rule states have broad authority to use zoning laws. These cities have determined that either Fracking, Oil and drilling operations in general, or Heavy Industry are incompatible land uses in their City. These bans work by bringing the zoning code in compliance with the town’s comprehensive plan.

Albany NY
Camillus NY
Cherry Valley NY
Danby NY
Dryden NY
Geneva NY
Ithaca Town NY
Jerusalem NY
Lumberland NY
Middlefield NY
New Lisbon NY
Otsego Town NY
Plainfield NY
Skaneateles NY
Springfield NY

Direct Bans:

These cities have sought to directly call out and Ban Fracking or oil operations in their city, and some  have sought to ban in the surrounding area. These bans rely upon the City’s police powers to protect the health and welfare of its citizens.

Clinton Town NJ
Creedmoor NC
Hartville OH
Hinckley Township OH
Ithaca City NY
Medina Township OH
Morgantown WV (overturned)
Niagara Falls NY
Rome NY
Saugerties NY
Syracuse NY
Wellsburg WV (repealed)
York Township OH
Athens OH


Perpetual moratoriums

These cities have enacted ongoing moratoriums which seek  “until proven safe” or “more information” as the sole means to end the moratorium.

Cross Village Township MI – till proven safe
Onondaga County NY – 
Ontario County NY – 
Sullivan County NY – 

Temporary moratoriums

These cities have enacted temporary moratoriums on Fracking for specific time periods.

Alfred NY
Andes NY
Annsville NY – 12 Months
Augusta NY – 6 Months
Barrington NY – 12 Months
Bartonville TX
Benton NY – 12 Months
Bethel NY
Binghamton NY – 24 Months
Brighton NY – 12 Months
Bristol NY – 12 Months
Canandaigua NY – 18 Months
Caroline NY
Colden NY – 6 Months
Colorado Springs CO
Conesus NY
Cortlandville NY – 6 Months
De Witt NY 6 Months
Elbridge NY – 13 Months
Erie CO
Freeville NY – 6 Months
Geneseo Town NY – 12 Months
Germantown NY – 18 Months
Girard OH – 6 Months
Gorham NY – 12 Months
Highland NY – 6 Months
Kirkland NY – 12 Months
Livonia NY – 12 Months
Marcellus NY – 6 Months
Marshall NY – 12 Months
Middlesex NY – 12 Months
Milo NY – 12 Months
Minden NY – 12 Months
Naples Town NY – 6 months
NaplesVillage NY – 12 months
New Hartford NY – 6 months
Niles Town NY – 12 months
Olive NY – 12 months
Otisco Town NY – 6 months
Owasco NY
Paris NY – 12 months
Putnam County NY – 12 months
Remsen NY
Richmond NY – 12 months
Rush NY
South Bristol NY – 12 months
Torrey NY – 12 months
Tully NY – 9 months


Other resources on local bans

Thank you to Food and Water Watch for collecting some of these.–moratoria.html

Fractracker has a map of new York State activities