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Real estate management software


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The real estate industry, like many sectors, has been affected by the advancement in technology. The creation of various software has led to a boom in the industry. Such software makes the management of property by the owners and facilitators easy no matter the type of buildings one has.

The applications are straightforward to use. In addition, they are efficient and have a quick response time as compared to doing some of the work manually. Some of the duties that the software facilitate include; study of payments either full or partial and the reporting and documentation of relevant documents. These documents include receipts, invoices, and agreements. Some of the best real estate management software available for users such as in the industry include;


AppFolio Property Manager

The product runs on different platforms such as apple and windows. It is beneficial to managers in charge of the residential property. The size of the business does not matter since the software may be utilized by small, medium and large real estate enterprises. Some of the key functionalities are marketing, accounting, leasing and management.

Rentec Direct

The management software is suitable for managers who are responsible for units between 25 and 5,000 units. It is a web-based software appropriate for all business sizes. The software comes highly recommended by many users since it has many functionalities. Also, there are no start-up fees, the interface is friendly and training together with customer service is unlimited.

The key features include financial reporting, accounting, a portal that is online for owners and tenants. It also allows credit card processing, tracking of residents and electronic filing. In addition, the company is provided with a website and hosting for promotion.


The software is popular with real estate managers that have a large number of units. It is especially beneficial for managers that need to monitor the properties on a daily basis. The functions of Buildium are streamlining of daily tasks, monitoring of vacancies and maintenance procedures. It is suitable for all the business sizes and platforms.

Maintenance Connection

The web-based software allows the tracking and management of costs, equipment failures and maintenance. It also allows resource allocation in the various properties. The product is suitable for medium and large companies since the configuration required makes it complicated. However, it is detailed to suit the users and customizable depending on the needs.


The type of real estate managers that mostly benefit from using the SiteLink software are those in investment trusts, self-storage and manufactured housing. The business size may be small, large or medium. It is compatible with most of the platforms. Furthermore, the deployment of the software is possible in on premises or in cloud systems.

The utilization of the software includes accounting of property. The accounting functionalities range from the general ledger, loss or gain analysis, receivable, reporting and transactional history. Also, it aids the manager in budgeting, forecasting, building maintenance, tenant and lease tracking.

Total Management

Total management is a software ideal for small and medium real estate businesses. It is a web based management software suitable for accounting and tracking. It allows the management of commercial, residential and student housing properties. The best feature of this software is the ability to navigate many screens at once without the need of having many tabs. This is ideal for business property management and rental.

The six mentioned software are just some of the real estate management software available. The number of products available to choose from may be overwhelming. Before choosing the right software, there are several issues to consider to ensure the product will work efficiently for managing the properties. These factors include the number of the units, type of system running the software, cost, suitability and the usability.