The ‘F’ Word: Unregulated Fracking at Oil Wells Raising Concerns

KCET’s March 23rd episode of news magazine “SoCal Connected” has  a segment on the controversial fracking technique used in the Inglewood/Baldwin Hills Oil Fields.
The ‘F’ Word: Unregulated Fracking at Oil Wells Raising Concerns
Video courtesy of KCET

June 12th Culver City Fracking protest and DOGGR workshop

On June 12th, 2012 the Department of Conservation and DOGGR sponsored a “fracking workshop” at Culver City Hall. Thanks to the organizing efforts of local fractivists, Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community, Frack Free Culver City, Food and Water Watch and many others, a peaceful fracking protest was staged prior to the event. Over 500 people showed up for the Culver City fracking protest and the workshop spilled over into overflow rooms.

Video Produced and Edited by Deborah Attoinese/Overall Productions
DEC Hearing Footage Courtesy of Sabrina Artel’s Trailer Talk

Video from Culver City’s DOGGR Fracking workshop.
The presentation by California Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources Chief Deputy Director, Jason Marshall at 25 minutes long was dwarfed by the public comment period which extended past 9pm. For a longer presentation by DOGGR, see the March 8th 2012 presentation at Kenneth Hahn captured by Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community ( link below )

2nd and 3rd hours of the continuing public comment are available on KNEWways Multimedia You Tube Channel and here:

2nd hour
3rd hour

KNBC‘s coverage of the June 12th DOC meeting at Culver City Council Chambers where Baldwin Hills neighbors talk about their concerns and call for strict regulation or a ban on fracking.

View more videos at:


Culver City Fracking Resolution

On July 3, 2012 the Culver City Council passed California’s First fracking resolution asking Governor Brown to ban fracking. The fracking resolution is non-binding and has no actual legal effect, but expresses an opinion to DOGGR and Governor Brown to BAN FRACKING NOW!

Video of the proceeding is available on Culver under “Government” > “Meetings and Agendas” > “Meeting Agendas and Webcasts” > “City Council” > “2012” and then the “webcast” on July, 3 2012 or this direct link. The agenda item for the culver city fracking resolution starts at 31 minutes and continues on for another 2 hours.

Footage of the Culver City council fracking resolution deliberations and public hearing is also available from Soul Service News‘ you tube channel with only minor edits:
1st hour of Culver City Fracking resolution
2nd hour of Culver City Fracking resolution
3rd hour of Culver City Fracking resolution

Text of Culver City Fracking Resolution

See more great videos on fracking and oil drilling in the Baldwin Hills Area at the Citizens Coalition for a Safe Communitys website and at their You Tube Channel CCSCMEDIA.

Included on the the Citizens Coalition for a Safe Communitys You Tube Channel are these videos:

1) Stanford Geologist Dick Meehan, one of the 2 parties to study the Baldwin Hills Dam collapse, offers a demonstration on ongoing surface and ground movement problems at the Inglewood Oil Field on his You Tube Channel as well as on Citizens Coalition for a Safe Community’s.

2.) March 8, 2012 Community Advisory Panel Meeting at the Kenneth Hahn Community Center. Hydraulic Fracturing Study Presentation by PXP Governmental Affairs representative, John Martini and Hydraulic Fracturing Study Consultant, Daniel Tormey_Cardno-Entrix. Presentation by California Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources Chief Deputy Director, Jason Marshall followed by State Oil and Gas Supervisor, Tim Kustic.

See more great videos on Citizens Coalition for a Safe CommunityYou Tube Channel.

October 2009: Ridley-Thomas Town Hall Community Standards meeting
On Thursday, October 15th, 2009 Supervisor Ridley-Thomas led a Town Hall discussion at West Los Angeles College on the Baldwin Hills Community Standards District which established guidelines for oil and gas production in the area.


Gasland director Josh Fox explores the oils and Gas industries propaganda, disinformation and willing participation of the media to distort the fracking argument. Features Culver City favorite Doug Shields.

Time Lapse of drilling and fracking a well